20 January, 2014


Take a moment.
Really am shocked and sad.

Firstly, kena anjak ke beberapa bulan yang lalu.
Tika aku bosan-bosan duk baring-baring atas katil tetiba menggatal nak google pasal lasik/eyes laser operation tu. Guess what, I found this;

Because I Say So

Been reading her blog ever since. And follow her instagram then.

She's beautiful, funny and I believe, a very warm-hearted and kind woman. I like everything about her walaupun tak pernah jumpa pun.
Damn, I think I'm in love with her.

Hahaha creepy kan mien ni? Ini kira macam #girlcrush aku laa.
Sis Rafiqa, if you do read this; here's my number 0112345678. Call me. Always available, for you...
Haha makin creepy. Ah sudahlah.

Tak, here goes.
I know 'bout this;

Yeah, she's married dear boys and girls... dah dah, jangan sesedih, frust menonggeng ke apa. Tak apa. Dia dengan her husband, Hasan tu, sangatlah comel. Hihi.

But here's the thing.
I just know 'bout this;

Same goes to her. Dia pun tak tahu dan baru tahu.

'Sometimes, some things can't be fixed.' -- rafiqa_z's

I don't know the detail but it must be damn heartbreaking. Miscarriage. Got Maya to explain 'bout that. And selitkan dekat sini sikit, my Maya is doing fine there, happy little cheeky chicken. Dah kembali normal budak tu. Thanks to my dear Adam Johan. You are the best bruh! Haa kembali kepada Sis Rafiqa ni. Aku yang tak kenal dia ni pun rasa sedih, inikan pulak dia. Berat mata memandang, berat lagi bahu yang memikul kan.

Semoga tabah, dear crush.
You never know, who's whispering good and who's screaming bad.

Life is unpredictable.
Be bold, everyone.

Go read on the details -- Farah Rafiqa's

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